Welcome to Department of Pol. Science


Year of establishment:  2011



 Prepare politically informed and participant citizens.



 To impart political knowledge to students for the betterment of the body politic.


Aristotle, one the greatest genius of all times calls political science as the master science. Therefore, studying political science warrants a noteworthy attention. Political science as a branch of humanities aims at imparting skills and knowledge to students so that they are transformed into informed citizens who not only understand body politic but are actively involved in the political process as well. Political Science is supposed to arm the students with practical knowledge of political process, human rights, international relations, international cooperation and peace and conflict resolution.

Political Science needs to be understood not in isolation but along with philosophy, history, psychology and sociology in order to better understand the political problems and come with novel solutions for the same. The discipline has a huge scope in the present world. It primarily studies but is not limited to Individual-state relationship. Its area of enquiry inter alia includes organs and forms of government, elections, rights, duties, justice, freedom, law, war, peace, power, authority, inter-state relations etc.

The department welcomes the students who opt political science as a major or minor course. The department is well equipped with dedicated and hardworking staff to assist and educate and guide  the students. We wish all the students of political science a happy study of the master science as called by the great political philosopher Aristotle.

Name of the Academic Arrangement Teacher:                            Dr Farooq Ahmed Malik      

Qualification:                                                                                       MA NET PhD.